Consultancy service and follow up :

We provide consultancy services to farmers on all aspects of livestock management, from conception to consumption. Our team of livestock consultants and University staffs have expertise across a range of livestock species including poultry, pets, aquaculture, and large animals. We deliver a wide range of services including animal husbandry, health, and welfare through to nutrition and breeding, meat quality, business review and project management.

Research & Development :

Our leading experts in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry are constantly looking for new and improved products and technologies to pass on to our customers. As well as running clinical studies and analytical chemistry, we pride ourselves in developing innovative formulation technologies for finished products concerned with animal health improvement.

Lab service :

Our on-site laboratories conduct hundreds of analyses each week to ensure product quality. In addition, Delta Vet Center® customers can send in their own samples for the technical team to analyze, then plan the most precise corrective measures.

Training :

At Delta Vet Center® we know how hard it is to keep up with innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why our team is dedicated to sharing their world-class knowledge and experience with you. Training is given by our internal specialists and by independent, external experts on topics including gut health, management, biosecurity, nutrition, and feed formulation. Our customers around the world are invited and encouraged to attend the seminars given by Delta Vet Center® that fit their interests.