About us

Delta. Vet Center had been started in 1982 in the field of marketing of veterinary products

to be an integrated service center for poultry and cattle farms in the Delta region.

Since that date and for more than 34 years, Delta Vet.

is always committed with applying the maximum quality standards and modern scientific

methods in management and marketing, and that is achieved by:

1- Selection of product range to cover the main needs of the breeders of poultry and large animals with the best quality and according to international specifications.

2- Building a respectful relationship with customers supported by a team of specialists which are always keen to be the closest to the customer.

3- Establishing a future plan to open new markets and elevate our rank toward the top.

4- Innovation of new products with high efficiency and perfect reputation Delta Vet. Center has a permanent keenness to prepare a professional technically trained staff in the areas of poultry industry and animal health.

Delta Vet. Center exerts a continuous effort to create the ideal environment for the poultry

and large animal industry by application of modern technology and marketing of veterinary

pharmaceutical and feed additive that achieve higher productivity and lower expenses.

company official

Dr. Hamed EL-Banna

Chairman of Board of Directors.