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Bayta Q prol

Composition: (water soluble powder)
Each 100 gm contains:
22.6 mg Amprolium hydrochloride
21.5 gm sulfaquinoxaline sodium
0.25 gm Vitamin K3
Lactose up to 100 g
It is characterized by a combination of three compounds with multiple effects on coccidia.
It is distinguished by the multiple mechanisms of actions for elimination of coccidia.
Works on all types of Eimeria, whether intestinal or cecal coccidiosis.
Works on all stages of life cycle that causes coccidiosis.
It is characterized by its high solubility, strong and rapid effect.
It reduces bleeding resulting from coccidiosis.
It has a cidal action on coccidia as well as bacterial infections.
It is used for prevention and treatment of types of coccidiosis that infect birds and turkeys and rabbits, especially those associated with a bacterial infection at the same time.
500 - 1000 gm / 1000 liters of water for 3-5 days
0.5 – 1 gm / 10 kg live weight
At a rate of 0.5 - 1 g / 1 liter of water
100,500 gm, 1 kg pack