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Composition: (fodder additives, powder added on water)
Every 1 kg contains:
Basiales Satals 1750 Billion Whirlwind
Basiales Leichenformes 1750 Billion Whirlwind
Total 3,500 billion vesicles (5,3 12X10/) kg
• Propiotic from mutated beneficial bacteria produced for acetic acid with its deadly effect on harmful bacteria
With improved intestinal environment
• Beneficial bacteria produce digestive enzymes (protez, lipies, miles, celluloals) to assist in digestion and absorption processes
• Reduce the number of harmful bacteria from 40-50 (% Salmonial) caused by early mortality
By chicks
• Beneficial bacteria produce an antibiotic-like substance (bactericin) with its effective effect
Killer on harmful bacteria
• Increase the utilization rate of foodstuffs while reducing the glaucoma output rate and reducing the output
Nitrogen and hence ammonia
• Reduce morbidity and consequently reduce mortality rates
• Acts as a powerful immunosuppressant by reducing disease rates
In fodder: 100 -150g/ton (for badary, whiteness, pain)
In water: 20 - 30 g/1000 birds with a rate of 1 g/l water) for baddar, whiteness, pain)
Spraying on chicks --- 100 g/2 l water
Enough 5,000 feathered fax chick
1, 10 kg