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Composition: (fodder additives, powder added on water)
Sanguinarin 4%
• Features high steady strength as it bears temperature up to 105 C
• It is characterized by a high degree of safety even when the dose doubles 100x
• Works on the prevention of claustridia and coccidiosis while reducing the chances of liver fat
• Improves appetite and increases the rate of utilization of food
• Helps protect pain acids by gut and improve the utilization rate
• It is characterized by its resistance to digestive juice which gives it effectiveness until it reaches the gut
• Increases the excretion of digestive enzymes which improves digestion and absorption
• Left any residue with animal and bird tissue
• Natural and ideal solution to prevent cholesteridia and coccidiosis and reduce their negative effects
• To improve the condition of the gut wall and protect it from infections
• To increase growth rates and improve the dietary conversion coefficient in Badazin
• To increase egg production and egg quality with whiteness while improving fertility and hatchery rates
• To reduce mortality rates while reducing cost and increasing profitability
Add to Water
Poultry: ← 50 g/1000 l water
Horses: ← 2kg/ton
Add to Feed:
Poultry: ← 5 -., 1 kg/ton feed
Horses: ← 2kg/ton
50g packaging, 20g carton