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Composition: ( water soluble powder )
The 150gm bottle contains 100gm active ingredients:
33,4 gm Lincomycin Hydrochloride 6.66g Spectinomycin Sulfate
• Spectinomycin is a group of aminoglycosides that works effectively against Gram-negative bacteria ( Bacteriostatic ).
• Lincomycin is from the group of cincosamide that works effectively against Gram-positive bacteria ( Bactericidal ).
• Linox is a formula with a boosting effect ( Synergistic ) better than every single product
• Linox is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in addition to mycoplasma
• Linox distinctive combination represents the lowest ( MIC ) minimum inhibitory concentration
• Linox reaches its highest plasma concentration within 2-4 and lasts up to 12 hours
• Linox effectively keeps in (GIT) for a long time
• Linox to get rid of negative bacteria (Salmonella colitis, bird flu) and positive (Astaphylox).
• Linox is the ideal preparation to get rid of mycoplasma (CDR) in poultry and turkeys
50 - 150 mg Lenox / kg live weight
(75.0 Lenox / 1 liter of water)
(1 Linoki 150 gm pack is enough for 5.1 tons of live weight for 3- 5 days